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Pelamin Kerusi Accessories
Jewellary Makeup Bridal Dress
Sampin / songket    
BRIGHT SAIL (M) SDN BHD was incorporated in 21st February 2001 by a team of competent and dedicated group of people who combined their skills and expertise with a view to provide quality products on a competitive price.

We are dealing most in high class songket, exclusive materials, wedding furniture and Muslim’s textiles such as:
• Kain Songket • Hajji Sarban • Hajji Ihram • Prayer Mats • Kain Sampin • Wedding Chairs • Exclusive Materials • Tapak Merenjis • Pelamin • Wedding Dress and accessories etc  

 In Malaysia

BRIGHT SAIL (M) SDN BHD is No#1 supplier of variety and quality textiles, Furniture & bridal world especially songket, bridal chairs and bridal accessories. Even, there are a lot of other suppliers on the same products as us, but ours are better quality and difference from them, we have high confidence that our products are marketable and have high demand on it.

However, no one have complete setup in weddings products what we have, setup in shape of good location complete products for wedding planners. what is far more important than the products that

BRIGHT SAIL (M) SDN BHD offers is the commitment that we make. We have good quality products and have so much variety which attract to our customers. Our products very well-known with unique and colorful designs in market. If customers find a difference, their visits are welcome.

Today BRIGHT SAIL (M) SDN BHD believe that we are one of the best songket, furniture and Muslim’s textiles supplier in last year. Only in a short period of one year we got a lot of demand not only all over in East and West Malaysia, but also in neighboring countries such as Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei, and Thailand.
The best way, we too believed on advertisement to promote our products is through media. Since last three years we have done a powerful advertisement for our products that prove a magnetic roll for our sales. Result on that our sales jump up to 70% compare last year. We always keep deep eyes on changing designs and market them as demand in the world.


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